Ph.D. Recipients

Lucy Ruoqian Cheng (2023). Speech perception in younger and older adults: Cue-weighting and contextual information (advisor: Allard Jongman)

Sheyenne Fishero (2023). The interaction of target and masker speech in competing speech perception (advisors: Joan Sereno and Allard Jongman)

Charles Redmon (2020). Lexical Acoustics: Linking phonetic systems to the higher-order units they encode (advisor: Allard Jongman)

Katrina Connell (2017). The use of segmental and suprasegmental information in lexical access: A first- and second-language Chinese investigation (advisors: Annie Tremblay and Jie Zhang)

Mingxing Li (2017). Sibilant contrast: Perception, production, and sound change (advisor: Jie Zhang)

Kotoko Nakata (2017). Explicit learning of Japanese mimetic words using voicing, gemination, and reduplication rules (advisor: Joan Sereno)

Zhen (Quentin) Qin (2017). How native Chinese listeners and second-language Chinese learners process tones in word recognition: An eye-tracking study (advisors: Annie Tremblay and Jie Zhang)

Yu-Fu Chien (2016). Observing the contribution of both underlying and surface representations: Evidence from priming and event-related potentials (advisors: Joan Sereno and Jie Zhang)

Hanbo Yan (2016). The nature of variation in tone Sandhi patterns of Shanghai and Wuxi Wu (advisor: Jie Zhang)

Goun Lee (2015). Production and perception of Korean and English word-level prominence by Korean speakers. (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Jiang Liu (2013). The effects of talker variability and variances on the L2 training of tone categorization. (advisor: Jie Zhang).

Hyunjung Lee (2013). Evidence of diachronic sound change: A comparative acoustic study of Seoul and Kyungsang Korean. (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Kelly Berkson (2013). Phonation types in Marathi: An acoustic investigation. (advisors: Jie Zhang and Allard Jongman).

Mujdey Abudalbuh (2013). Ideology, gender roles, and pronominal choice: A sociolinguistic analysis of the use of English third person generic pronouns by native speakers of Arabic. (advisors: Naima Boussofara and Allard Jongman).

Mahire Yakup (2013): Acoustic correlates of lexical stress in native speakers of Uyghur and L2 learners (advisors: Joan Sereno and Arienne Dwyer).

Wendy Herd (2011): The perceptual and production training of /d, 'flap', r/ in L2 Spanish: Behavioral, psycholinguistic, and neurolinguistic evidence (advisors: Allard Jongman and Joan Sereno).

Mohammad Al-Masri (2009): The acoustic and perceptual correlates of emphasis in Urban Jordanian Arabic (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Yen-Kuang Ho (2009): The perception and production of American English front vowels by EFL learners in Taiwan: The influence of first language and proficiency levels (advisors: Joan Sereno and Paul Markham).

Yuwen Lai (2008): Acoustical realization and perception of English lexical stress by Mandarin learners (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Kazumi Maniwa (2007): Acoustics and perception of clear fricatives (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Eva Rodriguez (2006): Morphological regularity and neighborhood density effects in the acquisition and processing of the Spanish Preterite (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Wael Zuraiq (2005): The production of lexical stress by native speakers of Arabic and English and by Arab learners of English (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Travis Wade (2003): Acoustic variability and perceptual learning of nonnative-accented speech sounds. (advisor: Allard Jongman).


Corey McCulloch (2022). L2 learners' perception of non-native nasals in unfamiliar positions: A test of SLM and PAM (advisor: Allard Jongman)

Morgan Robertson (2022). Transfer and proficiency effects on L2 French perception of nasal vowels: A gating study (advisor: Allard Jongman)

Sheyenne Fishero (2020). Perception and production of Mandarin-accented English: The effect of degree of accentedness on ISIB-L and ISIB-T (advisors: Joan Sereno and Allard Jongman)

Nathan Schellenberg (2020). Differential high vowel devoicing in Korean illusory vowel perception [research proposal] (advisor: Allard Jongman)

Lucy Cheng (2019). Acoustic analysis of nasal and lateral consonants: The merger in Eastern Min (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Donald Gong (2019). Gradient Acceptability in Mandarin Nonword Judgment (advisor: Jie Zhang).

Rustle Zeng (2018). A comparison of falling tone and rising tone in Chinese: A dissociation between production and perception (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Charles Redmon (2017). Source characteristics of dorsal frication (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Wenchi Yeh (2014). Frequency-based lexical variation in Taiwanese onomatopoeia. (advisor: Jie Zhang).

Hanbo Yan (2013). The productivity of tone sandhi patterns in Wuxi Chinese. (advisor: Jie Zhang).

Hsieh Chih-Hsiang (2013). The perception of epenthetic vowels in voiced and voiceless contexts in Japanese. (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Kotoko Nakata (2013). Perception of sound symbolism in mimetic stimuli: The voicing contrast in Japanese and English. (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Eun Sun Tark (2012): An experimental study on Korean rhythm structure on the basis of rhythm metrics (advisor: Allard Jongman)

Goun Lee (2012): Acoustic characteristics of Korean fricatives and affricates (advisor: Allard Jongman)

Jiang Liu (2011): Durational properties of lexical stress and grammatical stress in Nanchang Chinese and their implications for tonal contrasts (advisor: Jie Zhang).

Kelly Berkson (2011): The nature of optional sibilant harmony in Navajo (advisor: Jie Zhang).

Hyunjung Lee (2010): An acoustic and aerodynamic study of stops in tonal and non-tonal dialects of Korean (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Mujdey Abudalbuh (2010): Effects of gender on the production of emphasis in Jordanian Arabic: A sociophonetic study (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Yun H. Stockton (2008): The effects of speaking rate on Mandarin tones (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Sanae Akaba (2008): An acoustic investigation of the Japanese short and long vowel distinction (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Yu Ju Lee (2008): The role of lexical tone in spoken word recognition of Chinese (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Daniel Kasparek (2008): Improving the perception of foreign-accented speech through training: A comparison of word and sentence materials (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Wendy Herd (2007): Incomplete neutralization of /t/ and /d/ in flapping environments: An analysis of the North Midland dialect of American English (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Melissa Stamer (2006): Influence of neighborhood density on the recognition of English bisyllabic words (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Olga Dmitrieva (2005): Incomplete neutralization in Russian final devoicing: Acoustic evidence from native speakers and second language learners (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Nathan D. Poell (2004): A phonetic study of the vowels and tones of Western Cherokee (advisors: Allard Jongman and Akira Yamamoto).

Diana Pastoriza Espandin (2004): Second language processing: Influence of teaching method and word characteristics (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Yuwen Lai (2004): The effect of aspiration on the fundamental frequency of the following tone in Taiwanese (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Mariko Karasawa (2004): Native and non-native production and perception of the Japanese affricate [ts] and fricative [s] (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Eva Rodriguez (2003): L2 acquisition of the Spanish preterite (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Natalia Plotnikov (2003): Ultimate phonological attainment of second language learners: A perceptual study of advanced Russian learners of English (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Linda Meniku (2003): An acoustic and perception study of declarative sentence and questions in Albanian (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Kazumi Maniwa (2002): Acoustic and perceptual evidence of complete neutralization of word-final tonal specification in Japanese (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Ricardo Benitez (2002): An acoustic and perceptual study of the vowels of Spanish (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Travis Wade (2001): Evaluating possible linguistic function of vertical scaling in speech intonation: Evidence from Japanese tone (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Undergraduate Honors Theses

Joshua Williams (2012): Lexical access in native and non-native signers of ASL: A fingerspelling priming paradigm (advisors: Joan Sereno and Allard Jongman).


Emma Frosini (2011): Perceptual training of phoneme and phonemic cluster distinctions of Italian: /?/ vs. /lj/ and /?/ vs. /nj/ (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Lynne Lammers (2010): The perception of foreign-accented speech: Segmentals versus suprasegmentals (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Jana Johnston (2008): A phonetic description of Jopará: Analysis of the phonetic influence of Spanish and Guarani on Jopará (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Christopher Huff (2008): The raising effect of aspirated prevocalic consonants on F0 in Taiwanese (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Zachary Davidson (2008): Orthographic influence in the acquisition of Quechua by native English speakers (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Ariane Rhone (2006): The perceptual relevance of locus equations (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Liane Carmi (2005): The acoustics and perception of modal and whispered tone in Mandarin Chinese (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Erin Klager (2005): Visual classification of French vowels by speakers of English (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Joyce McCall (2001): The effects of foreign accent and phonetic inventory on word recognition (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Karen Johnson (2001): Sensitivity to prestigious forms by non-native speakers of English (advisor: Joan Sereno).

Ph.D. recipients from Cornell University

Yue Wang (2001): Acquisition of Mandarin tones by American and Norwegian learners: Behavioral and neuroscientific aspects (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Tobey Doeleman (1999): The role of phonological features in the internal representation of American English consonants: Evidence from behavioral, neuroimaging, and computational modeling approaches (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Ratree Wayland (1997): Acoustic and perceptual investigation of breathy and clear phonation in Chanthaburi Khmer: Implications for the history of Khmer phonology (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Corinne Moore (1995): Speaker and rate normalization in the perception of lexical tone by Mandarin and English listeners (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Ann Bradlow (1993): Language-specific and universal aspects of vowel production and perception: A cross-linguistic study of vowel inventories (advisor: Allard Jongman).

Alice Turk (1993): Effects of position-in-syllable and stress on consonant articulation (advisors: Allard Jongman and John Kingston)